Slow Fashion October: wrap-up

Better late than never! Besides, we don’t stop thinking about slow fashion and sustainability just because October is over, right? Of course not!

2018-11-19 118071633964082745071..jpg

I’ve skipped a separate blog post for the Week 4 Action Item and Discussion Prompts because they focused a lot on mending/fixing the “Maybe” pile. I didn’t have a huge “maybe” pile and they probably would’ve needed more effort to make them loved than I was willing to put in, so I’ve put those aside for a clothing swap that I’m planning with some friends.

Action item: Make a pact with yourself!

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Maisa denim jacket


This project has been hanging over my head for so long! I am thrilled that it’s done and that it has already become a staple of my wardrobe. Honestly, guys, the relief is huge!

My husband wears through a lot of jeans, and when Named released the Maisa denim jacket pattern, advertising that it could be made specifically with old jeans, I had a total light bulb moment.Β I’ll use his old jeans to make a rad jacket for myself!

I bought the pattern (in April 2017 according to my Trello board) and I started hoardingΒ  his jeans. Some were very torn apart, some were dripped with paint, but I saw the potential.

And then, apparently, I got distracted for a year and a half.

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Fremont tote bag

I had considered skipping October’s #sewmystyle2018 patterns, a selection of tote bags from Klum House. I already have a couple purses and bags that I love, plus we have a couple canvas tote bags floating around the house, reusable grocery bags, etc., etc., etc. Did I need another bag?

But it only took a few minutes browsing the Klum House website to realize that yes, I did indeed want one of those bags.

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