reflecting on me-made-may

This was my first time really participating in Me Made May and I had a lot of fun with it! The (nearly) daily documentation, mindfully encouraging myself to choose a handmade garment over a RTW one, and the reflection that came with it about my wardrobe, my style, and how I want to present myself to the world in the future, were all really enjoyable parts of this month-long event.

You may remember from my last post that I didn’t get terribly specific about a goal; I was giving myself permission to dip in and out of the challenge as I felt like it, and not be too demanding on myself. I didn’t think I had enough me-mades to make it through the month, or, more accurately, that I had enough me-mades that I wanted to wear.

It turns out that I was able to wear some sort of me-made garment (or undergarment) nearly every day, with some repeats.

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What I’m wearing: 32 weeks

I definitely have to get more creative these days. Actually, no, I just have to get creative in how I convince myself to feel confident in the same rotation of outfits that still fit. Luckily my collection of tights and dresses is holding up for now, and it’s cold enough that sweaters can cover up shirts that don’t stay buttoned anymore. There’s no hiding it from coworkers anymore (although now they assume I’m due any day!).


I have to say this is not the most flattering look. The layers are overwhelming, plus I went overboard with the patterns. The pencil skirt is a refashion that I haven’t blogged yet, cut up and re-sewn from a maxi skirt. It’s gathered at the sides with elastic. Also, the sweater hits at a wide spot on my bump, so even though this is a very typical and well-loved silhouette for me, I don’t think I’ll repeat this outfit.



This is another dress that I almost donated, a black dress I bought from Victoria’s Secret so so many years ago (I think six). It’s faded, not my preferred length, etc. I rediscovered it and decided it’ll work for a few more weeks (I do like how it really emphasizes the bump without adding a lot of bulk) before I’ll konmari it.


I’m sensing a pattern here, this is another suuuuper old top that I somehow resisted getting rid of for years (at least six years for this one too). It works for a weekend look, especially hidden under my brand new coat (I can’t wait to post some photos of that!).

My biggest lesson from this week’s outfits? Thank goodness I finished my coat, because I need to sew some outfits that 1) fit my belly (and not just “this happens to be big enough to cover my body”), and 2) look cute! A new dress or two can do wonders for your mood, or at least, that’s what I’m counting on.

what I’m wearing: 24 weeks


Or, “it’s so overcast that I can only get enough light if I face the same direction in every photo.”

None of my own makes except for the Rae skirt, which is still holding up wonderfully (of course, it’s just a skirt with an elastic waistband). I love the fit of this basic white top from H&M. It’s so simple, but it fits perfectly into my typical wardrobe. Unfortunately it’s getting a bit short and I fear I may be stretching it beyond recovery, so I think I’ll attempt to make a maternity-version using the Agnes pattern (simple neckline, no gathers, short sleeves).


Here you can see the striped knit dress I complained about last week, dressed up a bit more for work with a sparkly headband and a blazer.


This tunic is one of two things I still fit in during the last few weeks of my first pregnancy. It’s not meant for maternity, but my mom bought it and ended up not liking it. It is, essentially, a giant sack of a shirt, but it works. I don’t really like anything about it except that it’s long and it fits. Maybe it’s time to trace my own version in a more appealing color? I have a navy/white striped knit that could be much cuter.


This is a riff on what I wear probably 90% of the time when the weather is chilled enough for it, pregnant or not. Collared shirt, sweater, skinny jeans, ankle boots. I’m wearing a navy shirt that used to belong to my husband that I added elastic to using an idea from Megan Nielsen’s DIY Maternity blog. It’s not really cute enough on its own, but works well under a sweater.


From now on, third trimester! Finally getting close to the end, although it’s only going to get more difficult to dress the bump from now on!

what I’m wearing: 23 weeks

I didn’t quite focus my camera correctly for this week’s pictures, oh well.


Two pretty typical outfits that saw me through this week and similarly sized weeks. First up, a knit dress that I almost donated. In non-pregnant times, it didn’t excite me enough to wear practically ever. It’s a bit too short for me to wear without leggings, but the knit dress+leggings look is too casual for me to take to the office. I thought maybe I would chop it up somehow, but now with my growing belly, it’s the perfect stretchy, comfortable tunic-length dress. I can throw on a blazer and it looks decent enough to wear to work (plus, I’m giving myself a pass on more casual-wear in the office as long as it fits) and it’s long enough to cover these black pants, which surprisingly still fit me, though don’t quite stay up so well anymore. I’m still tempted to somehow hack it apart, see if I can make a nursing top out of it, for example.


Here’s a button-up that also nearly made it to the donation pile. It’s a few years old and runs pretty large on me, but used to look okay when belted at the waist. I haven’t worn it in a long time though. I kept it with the thinking that I could “maternify” it somehow, but it ended up fitting fine without any alterations.

I’m a bit surprised to look at these pictures and think, “Okay, I guess I don’t look that pregnant yet,” even though I feel so huge and obvious! I’ll give a pass to my coworkers who didn’t recognize the bump yet.