Finished: Anya and Tara basics

These patterns are “basic” for sure, but in a good way. In a sewing world that’s maybe a bit hyper on sugar at the moment, it feels good to sew up something that fits into my wardrobe like that corner puzzle piece you’ve been spending way too long searching for.

Oh whoops, I’m mixing metaphors there.

The point is that the Anya and Tara Basics, two new pattern sets from Joann at Pipe Dream Patterns, have been heartily welcomed into my wardrobe. I’m a big fan of bodysuits, especially when the weather gets cool and Belgium gets windy. A skin-tight layer is a great way to stay warm, plus I find them easy to wear. With jeans, skirts, pinafores, or underneath and unseen under any other outfit I’m wearing, it all works well.


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thinking about: tailored pants

I am a solid fan of skinny jeans. Over the past year, I’ve been half-assed-ly trying new silhouettes for pants, but haven’t really given it much good effort. Yeah, okay, so I sewed up a couple Flints, tested some pants patterns, and made my first pair of Gingers too! But, I didn’t quit plan how any of them would fit into my wardrobe, and so, they don’t get worn that often.

A gal can’t live on the same two pairs of jeans though, so this month, I’m dreaming of pants! (ahem, or trousers for the Brits) Luckily, when it comes to indie patterns, there’s a lot of choice out there for all sorts of different shapes. I’m currently drawn to the look of a sleek tailored pant, with a higher waist, front pleats, and a tapered leg. Maybe even a cute little cuff at the ankles? I have lots of style pics saved on Pinterest, but here are some particular ones I love for this look.



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Sew My Style: Axel skirt


I said it from the beginning, “I’ll skip December.” A whole year ago, I was telling myself, nope. No thank you, I’ll pass. And yet, here I am, finishing the December project for Sew My Style way ahead of schedule.

I mean, the Axel Skirt is a perfectly fine-looking pattern. I generally love Megan Nielsen’s designs, but my first impression was, “A knit pencil skirt? Meh.” Also, I have in the past year made several pencil skirts (in addition to trying to wear a few RTW ones that I already owned) only to rediscover every single time that they are 100% incompatible with bike riding (which is a near daily activity for me in Belgium!). In trying to plan my makes more thoughtfully, one of my top criteria for “Should I make this?” is whether it works for my lifestyle. So, no more pencil skirts, I told myself.

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Sew My Style: Lingerie month

hanna bralette by small bobbins

I mentioned in my November Plans video (and blog post) that I’m very much wanting (needing) new, pretty lingerie. In fact, if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll remember that it was part of my Make Nine 2018 to make pretty lingerie. Well, November is still part of 2018 and it coincided with this month’s Sew My Style patterns. No better time to get working on this goal!

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Vlog: Autumn/Winter Plans

I’ve finally started my Youtube channel! You can find me there at Small Bobbins, and keep up as I attempt to vlog my makes and plans, fabric hauls, plus a tutorial here and there. I’m already totally enamored with the process of filming and editing, and excited to improve that with each video (I’m already working on a proper intro/outro for the next one!)

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