I, Kirstin, of Small Bobbins, do solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

(Wait, that’s not the right pledge, is it?)

Happy Me-Made-May 2018! This is a challenge invented by Zoe from ‘So Zo’, you can read more about this annual event on her blog or listen to her interview on Love to Sew Podcast.

MMMay is probably one of the “original” sewing challenges for the digital sewing community. Nowadays, there are so many challenges that it’s impossible to keep up! In fact, I’m even at a point where I’m (gasp!) challenged-out. So for my MMMay 2018 pledge, I’m going to focus on my massive pile of WIP/UFO’s (works-in-progress, un-finished objects) and follow a low-key pledge to wear me-mades when I can. I’ll try to document my daily outfits on my Instagram so that I have a record of what I’m actually reaching for, and maybe that will help me focus my plans once I’m open to starting new projects again.


Yes, no new projects until my WIP-pile is done. Honestly, I have too many! At least 16 projects that are either fully cut out, partially cut out, or need some mending/altering before I’d feel comfortable wearing them. I don’t think I’d reasonably be able to get through all of these in May, but I’m sure going to do my best, and I’m banning myself from new projects (besides pattern testing!) until I’m through.

So what’s on the menu? (click through to go to the designers’ sites)

Yeah, so, omg.

I’m a big believer in checklist, so here’s how I’ll approach these projects:

  • Grab one at a time: To me, this feels like a crucial first step to tackling these projects. Focus on one at a time! Give it my full attention, complete it, and then move on.
  • Check where I’m at: did I cut out all pieces? What size? Did I make any pattern adjustments? Do I have all the notions/equipment? Matching thread?
    • If I’m missing any notions/thread, I’ll make thorough notes and put it aside until I can head to my local shops.
  • Read all of the instructions before getting started: if I have any qualms about the methods or the order of the steps, I can make notes before starting.
  • Sew the dang thing.

What about you, have you pledged to participate in MMMay this year? Do you have an overflowing pile of UFO’s that keeps you up at night…? No? Just me? Okay then…! Has your approach for organizing and tackling your sewing projects changed since you started sewing? And if so, why?


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