2018 Make Nine

Maybe it’s cheating a bit, but my 2018 Make Nine (it’s essentially a very loosely enforced year-long challenge to sew nine garments, started by Rochelle at Lucky Lucille) is mostly made up of pieces that I totally intended to sew in 2017. I already own most of the patterns, I already have most of the fabrics, and I even partially cut out one of them already.

  1. Amsterdam blazer by Orageuse Patterns: When this pattern was released, I was obsessed. I didn’t buy it right away because I’m trying to buy fewer patterns (eye-roll, I know), but I thought about it for weeks and weeks. I’ve wanted to copy a loose-fitting, straight-cut RTW blazer for the longest time, but it seemed like such an undertaking that I never got around to it. (The original blazer had a busted lining.) Finally, the pattern went on sale and I took the plunge. I even printed out the PDF and stuck it together already, which was no small feat at 41 pages. I bought some cheap striped suiting to do the first version. Orageuse rates it as a 5/5 Advanced pattern (eek!) so I don’t want to botch my first version on an expensive fabric!
    Maisa Denim Jacket - Named 2018-01-07 12-38-04
  2. Maisa denim jacket by Named Patterns: I’ve already had two pairs of Farrell’s old jeans set aside for this for nearly a year. I think what has been stopping me so far is I’m worried that I won’t have enough denim. The easy solution (since the pattern is already printed and prepared) is to just check the dang thing, but so far it’s been a friction point, you know?
  3. Mona moto jacket by Make My Lemonade: I managed to get my hands on this pattern when the monthly patterns were still free (Does anybody else remember that!?). It’s been stewing in my mind since then and I feel like this is the year for it. I’m debating between making an unlined version in a stable knit (she recommends that the fabric have a bit of stretch) or sizing up and making a quilted wool version with a lining (which would be good, since linings are one of my reSEWlutions for 2018).
  4. Karri dress by Megan Nielsen Patterns: I’m going to try to rip off a dress I’ve had on Pinterest for a while now, with a greyscale Liberty print and some neon yellow piping.
  5. Ginger jeans by Closet Case Patterns: I’ve had these partially cut out for, yeah… over a year. In my defense, I started a different jeans pattern while I was pregnant (what was I thinking?), then I bought the Ginger jeans and got through cutting a single leg before putting it to the side. My body was still very much changing size and, maybe you know how it goes, pregnancy, newborn, infant, and NO time. Now I’m back in a good rhythm and looking forward to getting back to this project! I’m starting with stretch denim that’s dark indigo on one side and a beautiful burgundy on the other, I’m not sure which side I’ll use!
  6. Dahlia dress by Colette Patterns: I have an amazing dark navy wool set aside for this, but just like the Maisa, I’m not totally positive I have enough fabric for this pattern, but otherwise I can easily swap another one. I can totally spare some of the four meters of this blue plaid I have.
  7. Men’s button-up: This will be the year that I make a garment for my husband. I’ll probably use a pattern from Free Sewing because, uh, hello? Free patterns made to your measurements. He has already claimed a pink plaid that I had mentally put aside for a 90s-style mini skirt, so we will really test my selfless sewing limits. He wants a cowboy shirt with pearl snaps.
    The Chelsea Collection – Simple Sew 2018-01-07 13-20-26
  8. Denim mini with jeans buttons: These were everywhere last year and I got my hands on this Simple Sew pattern through a destash sale, but I don’t quite have a denim in my stash that will work for it. A miniskirt won’t take much fabric, so maybe once I get the Gingers settled,  I’ll use leftovers from one of those to make a skirt.
  9. Pretty lingerie: I am super into the idea of making lingerie, but I’ve had a tough time getting over a couple obstacles: finding supplies is hard, and fitting my very small bobbins (wink!) to the pattern designers’ blocks has been frustrating. Plus, I want to make show-stoppers. Pretty, lacy, cut-outs, sheer, and all that. I want to be one of those girls that wears fantastic undergarments all the time. I am convinced that it’s attainable, but I may need to go down the drafting-it-myself route and research, learn, try, fail, and repeat times a billion until I get there. (inspiration photos from: Suzy Black NYC, Ledabynight wearing Urban Bird, Aniela Parys, shared by Telio Fashion but source unknown, amorzeberlin wearing Don’t Look lingerieEvgenia LingeriePetra Lingerie, Thistle and Spire, Sacha Kimmes)

Totally ambitious? Yes. I’m not holding myself to definitely get all of these done, but I feel like something finally shifted this year that allowed me to get into a better rhythm with sewing (it’s called: house renovations calmed down, and my youngest is now two years old!), so I do feel realistic about getting these projects completed. Plus, I want to do this, so the only challenge is making the time for it.

Are you coming up with a Make Nine for this year, or will you wing it for 2018?


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