2019 ReSEWlutions

I had a flash of insight today while I was working on a couple of projects. Both of them were going, like, okay. I was enjoying the process, I wasn’t totally invested in the perfection of the final garments (one was a bra muslin, one was a workout top [omg doing so well on my 2019 Make Nine!]) and both projects used inexpensive fabric that I still have tons of. Both of them had me thinking, “I should definitely make this again.”


Have you thought that before about a pattern? I read it all the time in pattern reviews. And for me too, when evaluating the success of the pattern, I nearly always make a judgment about whether I’d make the pattern again.

But I rarely do make the pattern again. I make it the first time, I talk about what I would change for the next version, things that would probably improve how the pattern fits me or my style, but then? Well, I checked it off my list and I move on to the next one.

So my biggest reSEWlution for 2019 is to make (nearly) everything a second time.

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Make Nine 2019


And here they are! I’ve seen a lot of fellow sewists/sewing bloggers decide to skip declaring a Make Nine for 2019 after “failing” to complete their 2018 list, but I’m ever the optimist and I like the structure of planning and list-making. So, despite that my own Make Nine 2018 only ended up with like, almost 4-ish garments completed from the list, I spent some quality time coming up with the nine(-ish) types of garments that I want to make this year.

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Make Nine 2018: conclusion

If you keep up with the online sewing community then I don’t have to introduce the Make Nine concept (and if you’re not, a quick Google for “make nine” and “Home Row Fiber Co” should get you caught up!).

So it’s now 2019, no more time left to complete anything on my 2018 Make Nine list. How did I do?

(drum roll)

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2018 review: Top 5 past makes


Continuing with my Very Scientific Review of my Year in Sewing, I thought it would be fun to celebrate the me-mades made before 2018 that I still wear frequently. Part of my handmade wardrobe journey is trying to make garments that last, so it’s a nice mark of success if I continued to wear something for multiple seasons!

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